Russia or China
Eklenme Tarihi : 14 Kasım 2013
Kategori : Günlük Analiz

Some say justice, some say mercy. Sometimes justice and sometimes mercy is the wrong call. I don’t really care about political progresses. I only follow the companies and people that I believe they have more power than countries. Because this is my job.

I was involved in many financial systems. I worked for a private corporation for 2 years. The company that affected even today’s conditions, has stopped working. Yes, this company is not alive, but it determines who wins and who loses today. When that economical policy collapsed, it allowed people like me to act indepedently. Maybe we lost a lot then, but we well established our position in today’s versatile economy and politics. Maybe we are losing even today. I don’t know about that, but if we can make it until tomorrow, we won’t beg anyone.

First, bring an end to a giant like Ottoman Empire with Russian policies. Now, where is USA? Soviets is collapsed, but just changed its name. Russia has tyrannized the Turkish geography all over, starting from Turkey to China. Soviets that everyone said that it couldn’t be collapsed, is collapsed. The weird thing is, with Turkmenistan that they had terrorized before and with Islamic countries like Libya, Beirut, Egypt and Syria, they are throwing off USA’s political, economical and energy balances.

When Turkey has chosen China for the missiles, USA went on attack. Either Turkey has understood that, or Russians became dominant on the area. In the future world, USA won’t be powerful. Alternative powers are Russia, China and India. They don’t think that India and China will establish a political balance and get powerful. Russia cannot do anything without Iran. In a way, Iran is acting according to the Russia’s balances with the Shiah regime. But obviously, USA is uncomfortable with this balance of Iran lately, because they are starting to make positive steps with Iran. Nuclear deal is an example of this.

While all of these are happening, Europe, and especially Germany and France are dealing with economical problems. People who were active in the market between 2008-2010 should know. Everyday or every week, positions of Russians in EUR/USD parity was being published in media. I have never read any news like that in last 2 years.

In the last 5 years, all countries have struggled with economical problems. Even Soros was involved in the system called “currency war”. While struggling with all of these crises, who won and who lost? Neither of them is known.

We will see multipolar balances in the future world. But multivocality will prevent the permanent prosperity.

Americans used to say that they don’t want any jars. But today, they are trying to establish a balance for multivocality. The truth is, whole world is defeated by the technology. There is not any country or any person who isn’t defeated by the technology. Today, we can all create a blog and share our thoughts. With small budgets, we can make people to believe a false intelligence. No one can prevent this.

People who are hiding underground, will come out to daylight one day. The first thing that they will say is “should we start from the people who are good for nothing or the people who will stand in our way?”. Just like, each person is born and dead, a working company may bankrupt someday. And every country will be history someday. Which country USA will bring while their going away, Russia or China? According to Kissenger, it is China. How will cold climate Russia adapt to the Mediterranean and desert climate?